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A Grand Love Story

The Low Carb Down Under Seminar Series


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When looking for health and dietary advice, it's important to go to the best in the biz so you can cut through the marketing hype and white noise and get well-researched and sound advice that works.   

In my experience, the approach that a) makes the most intelligent sense and b) has served me the best personally for great health and weight results is the high fat (who would've thunk it), moderate meat and low carb option. I'm not saying

I always stick to it (eek!), but when I do I feel like a million bucks.



This month the wheels of the Low Carb Down Under seminar series have been set in motion and an impressive array of health specialists and low-carb/paleo advocates are travelling around Oz in an effort to shout about it to the masses. 

Living La Vida Low Carb blogger and author Jimmy Moore has come from the US to tell his story of regaining his life after

losing 185 kilos within one year using this approach to eating.

He is joined by author of Sweet Poison David Gillespie, Dr Rod Tayler, Jamie Hayes, Vicki Poulter, Dr Ron Ehrlich, Christine Cronau (author of “The Fat Revolution”), Sarah Wilson (author of "I Quit Sugar"), Costa Georgiadis, Dr Anastasia Boulais, Jamie Scott and many more!

The Low Carb Down Under seminar series will be in Sydney this Saturday (Nov 24) at the Wesley Conference centre on Pitt Street. It will then move to Adelaide next Tuesday 
(Nov 27) and Brisbane on Saturday Dec 1. 

Check out the program below and get more info and tickets    here.   


  1. Jimmy Moore—Update on low carb around the world
  2. David Gillespie—“Sweet Poison and Big Fat Lies”
  3. Sarah Wilson—“I Quit Sugar”
  4. Costa Georgiadis—“Product Not Produce”
  5. Dr Rod Tayler—“Doctors, Health, Weight and Carbohydrates”
    Dr Ron Ehrlich—“Lessons from the Past”
  7. Christine Cronau—”Saturated Fat is Good For You!”
  8. Dr Simon Thornley—“Has Dietary Research Helped Us With Our Food Choices?”
  9. Aaron McKenzie from Origin of Energy—”Combining Fitness and Nutrition”
  10. Vicki Poulter – “Why grass fed animal foods are good for the planet” (as a tribute to Bruce Ward)—“
  11. Rob Blomfield—”A farmer’s  journey to primal health”
  12. Suzanne Crawt – Paleo in Australia
    Panel discussion session MC’d by Jimmy Moore—ask the experts!


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